dotJobs is designed to drastically improve (or we could say fix) hiring of experienced developers. We have identified this need through the dotConferences we’ve been organizing since 2012. dotConferences are TED-inspired technical conferences for developers.

During this series of conferences, a community was built and it keeps on growing since then. By discussing with this community and our partners, we noted that hiring expert developers has became a lengthy, expensive and inadequate process for companies while developers receive too many unqualified requests.

dotJobs tackles this double-problem by offering a new vision for hiring talents, through its “developer brand” concept. It empowers company to show off their developer culture through the technologies they’re using, the work environment and their community life.

dotJobs is not the average employment website. Job seekers can identify the company they would like to work for, and then apply to the job offers.

Companies that are featured on dotJobs must support the Hacker Pledge. This is a living document based on a broad consensus from a community of hackers. It describes a pledge that a company is willing to make to its engineers so they can thrive and continue developing their skills, to their common benefit.

With a refreshing easy-to-use platform, dotJobs aims to wake up the French and Europe ecosystem.